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All About My Success Coaching Program


Success Coaching with Lady J is all about helping you go farther, faster. It’s about helping you realize your biggest dreams and live a life of purpose, intention and integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me?

I’ll help you clarify your purpose, amplify your strengths and show you how to thrive financially from what you already know!

If you’re a coach, I’ll help you build a thriving coaching practice that you absolutely love and that gets results!

Who do you work with?

I work with high achievers, authors, leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs. I help brilliant leaders remember how brilliant they truly are.

Who is Success Coaching for?

  • Coaches who want a successful coaching practice.
  • High achievers and leaders who want to build a business they love while keeping God first.

What kind of packages do you have?

Click the button below to see my available packages.

Are you certified?

Yes. I’m fully certified with & Dan Miller. Click here to see my coaching certification.

I’m also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

What kind of results have you helped others achieve?

Click here to read a list of results I’ve helped clients achieve. Then scroll down to watch some videos.

My Promises to You

I will not promise you success—that’s out of my control.

And I will not promise you results—that’s up to you.

I will promise to show up for you fully present and in the moment.

I will promise to treat you with kindness & respect, and when needed, tough love.

I will promise to challenge you, push you and hold you accountable.

I will promise to see you as the powerful person I know you are —no matter what.

You will know that—no matter what—I believe in how capable and powerful you already are.

Are there any requirements of me? 

Yes. I will have high expectations of you during our coaching.

You will be required to show up on time to each session with grit, determination, focus and commitment.

The following are ideal:

  • You’re driven, focused and highly committed to reaching your goals.
  • You have a positive mindset and practice gratitude on a regular basis.
  • You endeavor to keep God first in all your ways.

What do the logistics of coaching with you look like?

Go to this page to read details about each package.

Meanwhile, the logistics in general look like this:

  • An idea income generation map that is designed to assist you in the realization of your goals & dreams.
  • Over the phone and periodic video meetings with me. These meetings will be custom tailored to your unique personality, abilities and work style.
  • A number of personalized trainings & coaching sessions. Designed to position you for your highest levels of success.

Do you offer coaching for the entire year?

If you desire to coach with me 1-on-1 for the full year, send an email to [email protected] We can discuss what that may look like for you if you qualify.

Is there anything else I should know?


I absolutely love one-on-one coaching, but I have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am very selective and only accept a small handful of one-on-one clients per year. If you think you could benefit from one of my coaching packages, please click the APPLY NOW button below.

How do I get started?

Click the button below to fill out an application. I’ll get back with you soon to let you know if you were approved for coaching.

There is a lot of my own personal & professional growth that I attribute to reading books, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, etc. However, the exponential growth I have experienced in just 6 months as a member of the Leading Ladies Mastermind has surprised even me. With Jevonnah and the other women in the mastermind, I have gained consistent support, insight and most importantly for me, accountability to take action. Since joining the mastermind, I went from a rough idea of a business, to actually launching a business. I cherish the relationships formed within the mastermind. It is an honor to walk alongside and learn from such amazing, gracious, high achieving women.

Stephanie Andrews, Leading Ladies Mastermind


Becoming a part of a Mastermind has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. It has been key in helping me push forward to a higher level personally and professionally. The relationships I have formed through the Leading Ladies Mastermind continually challenge, inspire and encourage me to be my best self. I can not imagine doing life without these ladies. It is an investment that I would make over and over again.

Victoria Mininger, Leading Ladies Mastermind

Even thought it’s been a short time since I’ve joined the Leading Ladies, I have already experienced an attitude change. I used to self-sabotage at work using procrastination – and as a result I felt much guilt but was powerless to change it. Jevonnah and the other Leading Ladies have shown me that I’m not alone – that there is strength in numbers and in constructive feedback. For the first time in a long time my attitude is, “What can I tackle next? Let me at it!” and that I DESERVE success. It’s a huge paradigm shift for me and I’m so grateful I’m a part of this circle of strong women. Thank you Ladies!

Sahki Young, Leading Ladies Mastermind




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