Endorsements & Testimonials

“I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor.” Dan Miller,  New York Times Bestselling Author, 48 Days to the Work You Love

MHyattJevonnah is an extraordinary leader. She is a stellar example of what it means to run a successful business while standing strong in her integrity and faith. Her character and commitment to excellence are phenomenal. When you make a decision to attend one of her live events, or if you are fortunate enough to coach one-on-one with her, you are headed for an incredible future of growth and achievement that you won’t regret. michaelhyatt.com

Michael Hyatt

BBlakeJevonnah has many wonderful qualities and character that caused her to become the wonderful woman of God and bible teacher that she is now. After interacting with her, your self-image will improve, decision measures will increase and you’ll believe positively in yourself. westa.org

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
Pastor, West Angeles Church of God in Christ & Presiding Bishop, COGIC, Intl.


JGoinsJevonnah is one of the most inspiring women I have met — ever. She is not only committed to living and leading with integrity; she has a heart for helping others, guiding people in their passion and purpose. Hers is a voice worth listening to. goinswriter.com


Jeff Goins



Tom-SchwabLady J is making a huge impact on the world with her speaking, coaching and writing. Last week my family and I had the opportunity to have breakfast with her as she was in Michigan receiving an award from the North American United Nations. She has a great story that engages and inspires. In 1 hour, she accomplished more in bringing our daughter to Christ, than we as parent’s have been able to do “dragging” her for 15 years. inboundforecommerce.com

Tom Schwab
Principal Consultant, Inbound for eCommerce

Sara Anna Powers

Working with Jevonnah has been life-changing! When I began coaching with her, I felt stuck in a job that was paying great money but no longer felt fulfilling. Our work together was the catalyst for me starting my business in 2015. 2 years later, I’m working with the most AMAZING coaching and copywriting clients, and I know that I’m living on purpose! If you have the opportunity to work with Jevonnah, you should jump at the chance! She’s extraordinary! www.saraannapowers.com

Sara Anna Powers
The Copy Couturier™


“Jevonnah leads by example. She is caring, determined, passionate, and intentional. She is a true leader who can help you grow in business and in your personal life. If you’re looking to make meaningful changes, Jevonnah can show you the way.”

Nick Pavlidis
Attorney, Author & Entrepreneur

From Attorney to Writer & Entrepreneur… When Lady J and I started working together I had no concrete plans or goals, nor did I know my “purpose”. Within a couple of months, I knew how God wanted me to use my talents and I had an energy I hadn’t experienced in years. But taking that plunge was an emotional challenge for me. Lady J encouraged me with each call and helped me develop a plan for my future endeavors. I’m grateful for her professionalism, encouragement and prayers. When I look back on our first call, I don’t recognize the person I was — I now have confidence in myself and my goals. Thank you Lady J!

Karen Tyner
Federal Attorney & Entrepreneur

Lady J is a a powerfully gifted individual that God has raised up to impact a generation. Her wisdom and insights are born out of genuine life experience, and a sincere authenticity that is uncommon in today’s world. I have had the privilege of hosting her on our podcast, and interfacing with her on a professional level. Without question, she is a unique voice in our generation. I recommend her to anyone who has the courage to believe that they can truly experience a life worth living! brianholmes.com

Brian A. Holmes
Founder, Strategic Living Institute


You are by far the most considerate and understanding person I’ve known, besides my husband of course. You’re one of a kind because you put God first in everything you do, and that’s what I admire and love about you. Your passion for maximizing the potential of entrepreneurs is impeccable because you don’t mold them to be you, instead you mold them to be their best self. I love it when you always start something with a heartfelt prayers because it just goes to show important God is in your life.

Lara Maricon
(my awesome Executive Assistant)

Your presentation at Coaching with Excellence was fantastic. You are so good communicating with people, whether it is in front of a crowd or one on one. Your kind words and encouragement mean so much to me. jodymayberry.com

Jody Mayberry
Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Customer Experience Strategist

I really appreciate you. You have really helped me a lot with my coaching and especially as an individual. I talk about you all the time with my husband how I want to be like you when I grow up, of course, my version with a touch of my love. lol. buildingabettermarriage.com


Nisla Love

Jevonnah, I appreciate your authenticity and vulnerability through all of this. You’re a shining example of trusting the Lord and singing His praises even when times are hard. I admire you so much for that and for your commitment to continue to show up. And you’re teaching us so much in the process of how we can manage when unexpected things come our way. Thanks for allowing God to bring so much good from this.

Patricia Prues

It’s easy for high D’s especially to speak the truth – but almost too directly and feelings can definitely get hurt. Speaking the truth in LOVE and encouragement is so important. Jevonnah is such an incredible encourager – and because of that, I think she is able to speak the truth easily because she’s earned it – she’s invested in them and supported them. mamasaysnamaste.com Ashley Logsdon
Leading Personality Coach


MHyattJevonnah is a rock star leader. She speaks from the heart and her transparency is the foundation of her greatness. Whether Jevonnah is speaking live at an event, or coaching one on one, she has the real life experience to help you elevate on every level – business, finances, leadership, family, and faith. I’ve heard it said that in order to blossom, one must first be pruned. Jevonnah has been pruned and has transformed the pain, the failures, the rejection, into a beautiful wisdom in which she pours onto others., teaching them how to blossom in their own lives. If you get an opportunity to go see Jevonnah speak or do coaching with her, be prepared to blossom-period!dreamshine.co ElevatingBeyond.com Mark Minard
Founder, Dreamshine at Autumn Lakes, Co-Host & Founder of Life & Leadership Podcast


Jehlen‘Lady J is the real deal! She is smart, passionate and knows exactly how to help us get out of our own way. The Amplified Expert Podcast audience loved her!’

davidjehlen.comDavid Jehlen
Marketing Expert, Your Business. Your Life. Loud & Clear



“She has a contagious passion for living fully and is a master at stimulating that same desire in those privileged enough to engage with her coaching resources.” Dan Miller, New York Times Bestselling Author, 48 Days to the Work You Love

DMillerAs the director of the 48 Days Coaching Mastery program, I have watched Jevonnah invest deeply in the process of coaching people well. She has a contagious passion for living fully and is a master at stimulating that same desire in those privileged enough to engage with her coaching resources. Not only is she passionate but she is able to deliver on her promise to clarify, amplify and thrive. Your life will never be the same – it will be better. 48days.comDan Miller



“I’ve met a lot of coaches, but Lady J takes it to the next level. She is a coaches coach. She cares and delivers results for your business.” Lany Sullivan, Leading Event Planner

“After meeting with Lady J, I’ve gained amazing confidence and learned how to strategically position myself in the marketplace.” Athena Moberg, Hawaii’s Trauma Recovery Coach

“Live the life you’ve been destined to live. You have what it takes!” Pastor Mel Keyes, President, Joshua Generation Radio 

“I’ve gained confidence and clarity from the encouragement and the very practical tips offered through MPA.” Tricia Prues, Communications Coach


“In Lady J’s Mastermind, you get to meet amazing entrepreneurs from all over the globe just like you.” Athena Moberg, Success Coach to Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

“You’re going to get quality resources, and if you apply them, you’re going to get results. She brings you the fruit from her quality relationships.” Dr. Frederick Jones, Speaker & Author

“She’ll get to the root of your why.” Jennifer Priest, HOPE Strategist

I had a dream that I wanted to have my own Spiritual Life Center. Lady J helped me realize that I already had it in me and helped discover my true purpose.” Tanika Garrett – Lifestyle Recovery Coach



MHyatt‘Private coaching with Jevonnah is a wonderful privilege that has moved my business forward by leaps and bounds. In the time that we began working together, I clarified my vision, joined a mastermind, started a Facebook business page, and have begun contributing to multiple online journals. Jevonnah has encouraged, supported, and guided me every step of the way. She genuinely cares about each of her clients, and will do her best to get you connected to the tools and people who will help you spread your message. I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with her, and I would encourage anyone thinking about private coaching to make that investment.’ saraannapowers.com Sara Anna Powers
The Congruent Life, LLC


JVanceOoooooh what an awesome time I had at Deep Dive! The name is so befitting “Deep Dive” because Lady J dives deep and pulls out of you that God Given Purpose.

She brings out things you did not know you had. I met some awesome women. Deep Dive exceeded my expectations. We laughed, cried and had a delicious lunch together. She is an awesome Coach. She helps clarify your WHY. Deep Dive will be one of the greatest investments you can make. Lady J will stir up your gifts and passion!
If you are thinking about having her as your Coach or attending Deep Dive … don’t think any longer! You will never be the same. #thecrystalclearcoach

I am so thankful that God put you in my life because my life has been changed. You are definitely a woman of integrity, and have been consistent in being REAL. I have learned so much from the VIP classes and the Women’s Bible Study. Thank you so much Lady J for having a heart to serve people.

Janice Vance
Major in Your Marriage Conference President & Founder

CWoodsThis coaching opportunity really came at a great time!!

God always knows what we need when we need it.

With that said, I wanted to share with you that by the end of the week I will have 55 registrants for my conference. I received word from a young lady who has a mentoring program called DOVE- Daughters of Virtue and Excellence.

She will be bringing 25 of her girls and roughly 12 adults/parents. I also confirmed approximately 15 youth from the Independent Living Program from the agency I work for. I am so grateful and thankful to God for all He is doing. I truly believe that there will be more to come. I have a speaking engagement with seniors from 2 high schools in Lowndes County on Friday. Its my first paid speaking gig!! Woo hoo! So, I am going to need more coaching to fine tune my brand and services. I am super excited! I can’t wait to get started again.

I feel more confident because I gained the tools needed to succeed in planning my business. I got exactly what I needed with regard to clarity about my mission and value statement. Being around like-minded women is so powerful.

It seems as though I learn more each time. I have truly enjoyed VIP Days! I am so excited about my future and I feel like I have made a great start towards my overall purpose. Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison is the real deal! Her authentic and genuine compassion and desire to see me succeed as a coach is truly heaven sent. I’m so grateful to have her as my coach. There was so much synergy and I truly enjoyed being among other like-minded women of God at Deep Dive VIP Day! candacebwoods.com

Candace B. Woods
Leadership Development Coach



MHyattMillerWe SO appreciate you being active in the Platform University community. Your enthusiasm and drive add so much value to the rest of our members. Thanks for being a leader here!



Megan Hyatt Miller
Director and Dean Platform University

BHillWorking with Lady J, I have soared passed my wildest dreams. I couldn’t imagine being where I am today. Do you Dream? Do you have a Dream? I would highly recommend you sign on with Lady J and here’s why. She is genuine and honest. If you are not working to peak performance her first question is “what can I do to help you?” Coach Jevonnah has keen perception. She does not see me in my current circumstance, she sees BJ the author, speaker, entrepreneur. Her best skill is reviewing my strengths and weaknesses and not seeing them as obstacles but opportunities. She prepares me for the high jump to get through the hurdles. I get to experience the air up there in being the best I can be. Lady J is not just a good choice, she is the best choice. bjhill.org

BJ Hill
Purpose Driven Thought Leader, Author

CGaitherYou literally make everyone around you feel like they are the most amazing person ever.


Catalyst John
Business Coach to Entrepreneurs & Police Officer



JPriestDeep Dive VIP Day elevated my thinking past what I thought and expected. I’m leaving with a new direction and a drive to make my vision happen! Deep Dive VIP Day helped me to find the core reason for my passion and what I desire to do. Lady J helped me get to the root of my WHY! If you’re thinking about coming, don’t think, just do it. It will be the beginning of the rest of your life. I came with a spirit of expectancy, but Lady J far exceeded what I thought it would be. If you don’t know where to start, start here! The 2nd Deep Dive I went to gave me even more clarification & direction to take my business to the nations.  I launched out into the deep – literally. I’m so glad to be connected to you as a client and as my first lady. You set the bar high. Thanks for being who you are, a woman of excellence.

Jennifer Priest
President, Jennifer Priest Career Consulting & Development, LLC

I am so blessed to be part of the Leading Ladies Mastermind with Lady J! I joined this group because I knew I needed accountability from others to move forward. I have gained so much more. It is a place to grow with other high achievers, gain and give wisdom and encouragement and build relationships with others who are on a similar journey. By being part of this mastermind I have made forward movement that I wouldn’t have otherwise made. It is an amazing community!

Julie Brown, Leading Ladies Mastermind



There is a lot of my own personal & professional growth that I attribute to reading books, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, etc. However, the exponential growth I have experienced in just 6 months as a member of the Leading Ladies Mastermind has surprised even me. With Jevonnah and the other women in the mastermind, I have gained consistent support, insight and most importantly for me, accountability to take action. Since joining the mastermind, I went from a rough idea of a business, to actually launching a business. I cherish the relationships formed within the mastermind. It is an honor to walk alongside and learn from such amazing, gracious, high achieving women.

Stephanie Andrews, Leading Ladies Mastermind




Becoming a part of a Mastermind has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. It has been key in helping me push forward to a higher level personally and professionally. The relationships I have formed through the Leading Ladies Mastermind continually challenge, inspire and encourage me to be my best self. I can not imagine doing life without these ladies. It is an investment that I would make over and over again.

Victoria Mininger, Leading Ladies Mastermind


Even thought it’s been a short time since I’ve joined the Leading Ladies, I have already experienced an attitude change. I used to self-sabotage at work using procrastination – and as a result I felt much guilt but was powerless to change it. Jevonnah and the other Leading Ladies have shown me that I’m not alone – that there is strength in numbers and in constructive feedback. For the first time in a long time my attitude is, “What can I tackle next? Let me at it!” and that I DESERVE success. It’s a huge paradigm shift for me and I’m so grateful I’m a part of this circle of strong women. Thank you Ladies!

Sahki Young, Leading Ladies Mastermind

I was searching for a mastermind group to join for over a year. I knew that I had come to a point in my life where I needed to be around other successful people who are building businesses. When I received an email from Lady J about openings in the Leading Ladies Mastermind, I thought, “this is exactly what I need in my life right now!” I was especially excited that Lady J is God centered. I have only been in the mastermind for a short time, but have already up-leveled my weekly schedule to benefit my family first and my business, my professional appearance, and my health regimen. I know that I am only going UP from here as I foresee a massive potential for growth and results achieved in business and life.

Shirah LeGall, Leading Ladies Mastermind




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