It’s so important to never let go of your dreams.

It’s ok to dream big because we serve a big God. 

But what happens when you fear that you may be the one to sabotage and crumble your own dreams? 

Today’s question comes from Anna. She asked:

“Help! I fear that I may be the one to crumble my dreams.”

​If you can relate on any level to feeling that way, you don’t want to miss today’s video.

Which insight struck you the deepest and why? Come join us in the comments below.

Today’s question comes from Angela. She asks:

“How do we know when to step out on faith? To start pursuing our purpose? What if we don’t have the finances to defray the costs? Do we just give up?”

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When Daddy Walked Away: How to Use your Rejection for Direction

My dad walked away.

On Christmas Eve.

I was 7.

“Please Daddy! Please don’t go! This is all my fault. I’ll do better in school! I promise! Please just don’t go,” I cried, with the tears pouring down my cheeks.

But no matter how much begging or pleading my little 7 -year-old self did, he left.  On Christmas Eve.

I was hurt, angry and confused.

All the way through college, Mama would always tell my sister and me to love, pray for and respect him. “That’s your dad”, she’d say. “You must forgive.”

I didn’t want to.

I was hurt.


Even though the Bible says in Colossians 3:13 to forgive quickly, I definitely understood what it was like to go through a “slow forgiveness.” 

Dr. Meg Meeker, the country’s leading authority on parenting, teens and children’s health says that throughout the course of her lifetime, every woman will take at least 1 man to the grave, and it’s not her husband.

It’s her Dad.

Either because she loved him so much and he passed away, or because he was just never there and she buried him in her heart.

3 Questions Everyone Needs to Ask Themselves about Happiness

So many of us are trying to get to a place in life where we are happy. Happy with our relationships, our job, our marriage, our ministry, etc.

In his sermon, How to be HappyPresiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, says that contrary to popular belief, God wants His people to be overwhelmingly happy.

Not everyone’s definition of happiness is the same. You have to find what works for you – what makes you happy. And that takes time, lots of thought and a commitment to continual growth.

I challenge you to ask yourself 3 questions today:

3 Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose

Do you know what you’re really supposed to be doing with your life?

Are you doing that thing right now?

Do you know your life purpose?

I know, I know. These can be tough questions, right?

Well, if the honest truth be told, most people don’t have a clue what they’re supposed to be doing.

Instead, they let other people and circumstances dictate how their life should be and flow. They just float aimlessly through life without any real goals, direction or vision.

Too many people work a job they hate, with people they don’t care for, only to get up the next morning and do it all over again.