Why You Should Always GIVE more than you TAKE

Earlier this year, I had the honor of speaking for Dan Miller, New York Times Bestselling Author and visionary of 48Days.com. The event is called Coaching with Excellence and you can learn more about it here.

Lady J with Cliff Ravenscraft

Dan asked me to speak about my first year as a coach and everything I did to help create a successful 6-figure coaching practice in less than 22 months.

Being asked to come back and speak at the conference where I received my certification and training is a huge honor and one that I don’t take lightly.

I was honored when Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answer Man, recorded the following snapchat story about his experience at Coaching with Excellence.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.34.12 AM

I hope that you are inspired to give more than you take after watching this short video. (If you’re short on time, fast forward to the 4:35 minute mark.)

3 Reasons Why You Should Always GIVE More Than You Take

  1. Gratitude. God has been so good to us. He didn’t have to bless us but He did. Look for ways to express your gratitude by giving generously to others.
  2. Pure motives. When you’re giving more than you take, don’t do it looking for something in return. Do it because you genuinely want to express your respect and appreciation for your audience. Do it because you want to help them move forward in the best way possible.
  3. Because it’s just the right thing to do. Enough said. At the end of the day, takers may have more stuff, but givers sleep better at night.

Question for you: How are you giving more than you take? Leave a comment below. I love hearing from you. 

How to Escape from Busyness & Chaos by Turning Your Home into a Haven of Peace

I just finished reading this excellent book by my dear friend, Joanne Miller. She is the beautiful wife of my business coach, Dan Miller.

Haven 1

If you want to create peace and love in your home, you’ve got to do it on purpose.

Once you pick this up, you won’t be able to put it down. I highly recommend that you get yours today! Click here to order.

So what is Sanctuary?

A place of Asylum and immunity.

A place of peace and unconditional love.

A place to escape from everyday stressors of life.

An attainable retreat accomplished through intentional living.

How do we find it?

Joanne F Miller’s new book Creating a Haven of Peace provides a formula for creating Sanctuary in your own home.

An escape from busyness and chaos!

Clarity Is A Game Changer. This is How to Get More of It.

Have you ever been stuck?

Clarity is a Game Changer

Stuck about a new idea, project or what next steps you should take in your life or business?

I feel ya!

As business leaders, it’s essential that we get clear on what we are all about, because if we’re not clear, we’ll just confuse everyone else.

I was at a conference recently where I heard the speaker, Marshawn Daniels, say “Chaos creates confusion, but clarity creates cash.” 

Things rings so true.

Today I want to share with you a framework for discovering your value and gaining more clarity.

This will help you break through that stuck feeling and experience more confidence in your life and business.

My special thanks to Dan Miller and Michael Hyatt for introducing me to this framework. 

How To Gain More Confidence as a Speaker & Leader

Lady J interviews Ken Coleman, Host of the EntreLeadership Podcast

I recently had the honor of interviewing Ken Coleman, host of the EntreLeadership Podcast with Dave Ramsey.

Ken Coleman graphic

An acclaimed interviewer and broadcaster, Ken is the host of The Dave Ramsey Show video channel, Dave Ramsey live events, and the top-rated EntreLeadership podcast.

Ken has interviewed hundreds of well-known celebrities, including legendary Duke Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, who describes Ken as a “young Charlie Rose.” Ken resides in Franklin, TN with his wife, Stacy, and their three children, Ty, Chase, and Josie.

He is author of the book, One Question, which I highly recommend if you’re ready to learn from some of the best and brightest minds in the world who will challenge, surprise and inspire you.

What you’ll discover in this interview:

  • How to start asking better questions
  • The critical importance of being yourself and personal presentation
  • How to get prepared so you can make a significant impact for others
  • How to stay in your lane and let others shine when appropriate
  • How to not be so obsessed with your NEXT that you fail to master your NOW


Listen to the Interview here

Tell me what you think:

When you’re done listening, leave a comment below and let me know what you took away from this interview that you can use in your own life.